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A Daily Word



Ahhh yes, this is how to start your day! Your electronic device beeps, letting you know that your “Word of the Day” is ready, you unlock your phone while brushing your teeth, read the scripture of the day, feel energized by it and rush off to work! Wonderful, God is good…all the time and all the time….God is good!


The “word of the day” is not enough to sustain us! It is a trick of the enemy. Do you REALLY think the devil cares if you read ONE scripture per day. Do YOU think that one scripture per day is enough to protect you from the hand of the enemy? Let me be the voice of reason, No. It is not. Trust me, I have 7 bible “apps” on my phone and they are useful to an extent, i.e. a quick reference tool or to share a scripture with a friend or colleague or to a social media outlet. They do not replace the full bible, in my opinion. Yet I have people tell me, “girl….the Word I got from Blue Letter this morning was on point”! Read the rest of this entry »

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Your Enemy Is Here (Part I)


He that have an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the church (YOU!).




This video was composed by PW, with background music from “Slow Beautiful Chili”. Fair Use applies to this content and all others that appear on

Thanks and God bless you….stay tuned for Part II….

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“I would just lose my mind….”

…this was the response of someone when I asked her what she would do without her cellular phone. That phrase, “I would just lose my mind” made me really start thinking about us and what we would do if we ever lost technological capabilities. As a matter of fact, I thought that if technology were the Mark of the Beast as described in the book of Relevation that most of us would be lost! So let’s talk for a second about the mind, since it seems so easy to lose it over trivial things; we all know about the five senses (touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing) but this data is used by the brain with its 5 basic aptitudes: attention, memory, learning, recall and speech with more than 10 billion neurons and connectors all working together. That is a lot going on up there in the ole noggin, isn’t it? Now let’s talk memory; there are three types of memory, imprinting sensory, short-term and long-term. In imprinting sensory the information is an immediate perception and can be lost in .3 seconds if not stored in your short term memory. With your short term memory information can last for a few seconds, but will be lost if not subject to repetition. Your STM can remember seven digits, but a ten digit phone number will not stay in your short term memory. Remember your ABCs? It took quite a while and a whole lot of repetition before we mastered that artful collage of letters. 🙂 The ABCs is a prime example of long term memory; this enables us to recall memories from long ago due to repetition. As we age, however, long term memory can be influenced by other biological factors and degeneration.

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