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Why I dislike Facebook (a personal testimony)

I KNOW that this post will not be popular, and maybe only 2% of the readers will agree with me, but I have truly been praying about Facebook and asking God for guidance in relation to it. Many people love Facebook, and some are even addicted to it; let’s face it, Facebook has become a way of life for some. Where in years past if we could not sleep, we might pick up our phone and call our best friend to discuss why; now we will log onto Facebook and put all of our angst on our “Wall” for the world to see. For a lot of us “Christian” people instead of getting on our knees and crying out to God, we will place our prayer on our “Wall” and sit back to see how many “Likes” we get, instead of waiting on hearing from Him. We seek validation and approval from strangers, and let’s face it, they ARE strangers, instead of approval from the Most High. In my humble opinion it seems to me that for a lot of our Christian brothers and sisters Facebook has become their own personal mega-ministry. Are you mad at me yet? If not, please keep reading…. Read the rest of this entry »


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