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Ready? Set…..GO!

Dateline: Sunday morning. You get a call and it goes a little something like this (from the female perspective):

Friend: Hey Girl!

You: Hey!

Friend: Where did you go last night, I called you?

You: Girl I went to the club!

Friend: So what you up to today?

You: Ahhh, I’m going to church. I’m tired but I’m going.

Friend: Where you gonna be later?

You: Oh, just probably gonna go hang out for a bit. Then go back to sleep.

Friend: That’s cool, so call me when you want to go hang out sometime. Have fun at church.

You: Thanks girl, God bless you!

There’s a lot of “going” in the above scenario, and the irony is that in all of the going this individual is actually stagnant. If somebody tells you to “go” they usually expect some action to follow their directive right? When you were little and your mother told you, “Go to sleep boy/girl!” you went to sleep, no questions asked. If your spouse said, “honey please go to the store and pick up some potatoes for dinner”, you would go…or else you might not get dinner. If your child runs track you may be in the stands yelling…”Goooooo!” and if they hear you it will give them that boost to turn on the jets and speed up because Daddy’s watching and cheering them on. In the KJV of the bible the word GO is used more than 1,400 times! That is incredible. I am sure that many of us can spout off three or four verses where we have been told to “go”, but do we actually go?  Read the rest of this entry »


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