Hey Everyone! I have been getting some questions and so I decided to dedicate a page to answering some of the most common ones; if you have a question that has not been addressed here, please feel free to email me with it and I will be sure to add it.

1. Who ARE you?

Well, I am Pastor’s Wife LOL. No, seriously some of you may know me personally and I have given you a link to this site, some of you know me from Facebook and I invited you to read something here, but for the rest…well, I simply prefer to remain anonymous because of the content of some of my posts. The people that I witness to deserve the respect of anonymity unless they want to post here and reveal themselves, and people from my former church will be revealed if I disclose who I am. If someone REALLY needs to know who I am, then please email me and I will give you a full bio. I am an open secret in Jesus’ name.

2. What is your religion?

A better question is, what is religion? I am not a religious person because in my opinion religion is very cumbersome and rife with doctrine and churchology – which I do not subscribe to. If you want to call me a Christian, then please feel free to do so, as I AM a true follower of Jesus Christ and His teachings. I am saved and filled with God’s Holy Ghost.

3. Where are you in located?

You can find me somewhere between the Northern and Southern hemisphere! πŸ˜‰

4. Did you really experience everything that you talk about on this blog?

If you never know another thing about me, know that I despise a liar. Every single thing that I have written about I have gone through or experienced.

5. Why did you start this blog?

The simple answer is that God instructed me to. The longer answer is that I have so much inside of me that I want to share, and because I feel that the testimony that God gave me is not for sale, but I knew that God wanted me to reach a wider audience, that this became the forum for it. I absolutely thank God every day for having me start this ministry and that people have responded.

6. Which bible translation do you read most often?

I am a hard-core King James Version of the bible reader/user. From my earliest days I have always been able to read and understand the KJV like it is a children’s book, and I know that is a gift straight from God. For reference I use a lot of different versions, but my favorite alternate is the ESV (English Standard Version).

7. Are you against the institutional church?

No, not at all! What I am against are preachers-for-hires, wolves in sheep clothing, Profits instead of Prophets and churches who spiritually manipulate and desecrate their flocks. There are so many and it is my personal belief that one cannot pastor a 2, 3, 5, 10 or 40k member church; it is just not possible and I don’t care how many co-pastors, assistant pastors, apostles, bishops or whatever tell you different. Jesus fed the multitude with a few fishes and some loaves of bread, but we are NOT Jesus. The institutional church needs an influx of humility. There are plenty of IC’s which are following the commandments and producing good fruit, but it seems that these days they are the exception and not the rule.

8. What are some of your favorite websites?

You can check out my links on the blog. Those are the sites that I visit and support the most.

9. What was your salvation experience?

My salvation experience is quite unique, in my opinion, and it was both surreal and supernatural. Like many others I was going through things at the time; my first husband had deserted my daughter and I. He just walked out the door one day and never came back, then months later began to try to come back and forth so I cut him off because he was playing on my emotions, and those of my daughter who was not even 2 at the time. One night the Lord (I did not know it was Him at the time) awakened me at 2am and told me to get up and go downstairs. I lived alone so I was not disturbing anyone, my daughter was asleep. Once downstairs I turned on the television, and as it was so late there was a lady on preaching something or other. I just remember that she was Caucasian and had red hair (not Joyce Meyers, I knew who she was). I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying, but rather observing how peaceful and happy she seemed. There was a number placed at the bottom of the screen to call in, but it was a 910, 901 or some area code like that and I did not have long distance on my home phone. Single mom, struggling a bit…you know. Anyway, my heart sank because I really wanted to call in to this program and talk to this lady. The same voice that told me to get up and go downstairs told me to pick up the phone and call. I did and to my astonishment it rang. A female voice answered and after introducing the ministry and her name asked, “What can I pray with you for today?”. I immediately began to cry and I said to her, “Can you please pray for me and my daughter? That’s all.” The lady prayed a prayer that lasted maybe two minutes, and she told me that the Lord heard me and we ended the call shortly after. I fell to my knees and not knowing a “sinners prayer”, I just cried out for God to help me and to save me. He did right at that moment. I woke the next morning refreshed and renewed, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had been changed.

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. – Romans 10:13.

10. What is the goal of this blog?

I truly do not have a goal, and I hate to be redundant, but God instructed me to start it and I write under HIS direction alone. The one thing that I attempt to do is to write simply, so that even if a young child or teenager reads my posts they can understand. I have been accused by some *cough husband cough* of using a lot of $5 words in my conversations so I attempt to temper that here and write not only from the heart, but simply. Another goal is to always quantify my statements with passages of scripture. It always bothers me to hear and read opinion about biblical matter, God will always back up His word with truth so that it does not return to Him void. So, the ultimate goal is to hopefully inform, instruct, convince and convict others of the knowledge of true salvation through Jesus Christ. Thanks for asking!

11. Do you take suggestions on what to write about?

Only if they come from God! πŸ˜‰ Seriously, I have people ask me to write about certain things, and while I do listen and I will save them to a draft page, I also lay them before the Lord; until He speaks to write on them, they will remain a draft. I never want to be out of His will to acquiesce to man’s desires.

12. How long does it take for you to write a blog post?

Hmm, that one varies. Sometimes I zip them out like the “Church Lady Hat” because it was short and to the point, but others take days or even sit in draft for weeks before I finish them. A lot have been tabled on my heart, and just needed assembled. That is a good question though, it varies!

13. Does you husband know what you are going to write about in advance?

Absolutely not. Only God through the Holy Spirit knows what He has put in me for me to blog about. Many times I just begin to type and don’t stop until I finish, and other times I will start and save it to a draft until the Spirit urges me to finish. My latest blog (Tithes) was started 6 weeks ago, and my husband had no idea until he received the email notification.The bible says that they who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.


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