“Goat-Headed Christmas Cheer”…

06 Dec

Don’t accuse me of being a Scrooge or trampling on your Christmas cheer, this post is just reporting the news as I see it. Many of us know the history of the goat-headed baphomet, which is a symbol in the church of satan; well, this morning while watching the local news, a story from overseas caught my eye and disturbed my spirit and because of my previous post, “Tis the Season….fa la la la la” I wanted to share it with you all:

Run, Kris Kringle, Krampus Is Coming!

In Austria, Santa keeps track of who’s been naughty and nice — and unleases a 7-foot-tall horned devil on the naughty. He’s called the Krampus, and he’s unlike any Christmas tradition you’ve ever seen.

Santa’s all well and good, but darker things have always lurked in Austria’s woods. Take the Krampus, a towering, hairy creature with a long, long tongue, goat’s head and horns and cloven feet. Krampus is no dancing Greek satyr. Instead, he roams rural Austria clad in chains and carrying a stick, terrifying misbehaving children on Dec. 5, the night before St. Nicholas’ Day.

Depending on who you believe, Krampus is very old indeed. Some say the tradition stems back to the pre-Christian era, and that the Krampus known and feared by Austrians today is a version of an ancient god incorporated into Christian holidays.

There’s no doubt that today the frightening figure is an integral part of Christmas celebrations in some parts of Austria and Hungary (where the local version is spelled Krampusz). Krampus brings punishment back to the Christmas holiday, threatening naughty children with more than a lump of coal in their stocking.

The modern tradition goes something like this: On Dec. 5, the day before St. Nicholas arrives with his sack of gifts, local men dress up in goat and sheep skins, wearing elaborate hand-carved masks. They make the rounds of village houses with children. When the kids open the door, they’re frightened by Krampus-clad men waving switches at them and ringing loud cowbells. In some towns, kids are made to run a Krampus-gauntlet, dodging swats from tree branches.

Krampus gets his name from “Krampen,” the old German word for claw. The ceremony was widely practiced until the Inquisition, when impersonating a devil was punishable by death. In remote mountain towns the tradition survived in violation of the church’s edicts. In the 17th century Krampus made a comeback as part of the Christmas celebrations, paired with St. Nicholas as the jolly fellow’s dark alter ego.

In the mid-1950s, well-meaning educators feared that the frightening apparition might scar children for life. One anti-Krampus pamphlet distributed in Vienna was earnestly entitled “Krampus is an Evil Man.” As with most old traditions, Krampus has been somewhat commercialized and toned down. Today the tradition often devolves into a mid-winter bacchanal, where scaring kids takes a back seat to heroic bouts of drinking. The town of Schladminger is home to a sort of Krampus convention, with more than a thousand goat-men roaming the town’s streets, harassing the town’s young women (Spiegel Online, 2011).

So let me ask you this parents and friends…would you let your child sit on Krampus’ lap? Then why would you allow them to sit on Satan’s? Sorry, I mean Santa’s? 😉 Again, please just pray about this and pray for our children because satan is preying on them and doing it more openly than EVER before!



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7 responses to ““Goat-Headed Christmas Cheer”…

  1. Jassmine

    December 6, 2011 at 10:30 AM

    #thisaintnothingbutthedevil It’s time for parents to indeed open their (spiritual) eyes and see what is really going on and that everything ain’t innocent and “OK”.

  2. pastordk

    December 6, 2011 at 10:55 AM

    Right in front of our faces!!! yet we still continue to celebrate Christmas, Xmas, the Holiday Season or whatever. I am not down with it! Interesting to see how other countries do things though. Satan is not just busy in the USA he is just plain busy everywhere.

    • iampastorswife

      December 6, 2011 at 5:22 PM

      Sis. Jass and Bro. PastorDk this is so disturbing to me, and it should be to anyone who has a child, niece/nephew or grandchild. Satan is targeting our children and we are smiling and handing them over. Parents are buying iPods for 3 year olds and downloading music for them; I know a parent who is buying an iPad for an 8 yr old, why? They are plugging these children’s ears with the worst filth then allowing them to sit on some pedophile’s lap and beg him for toys and electronics. The world has gone insane before our eyes, and it is my fervent prayer that everyone wake up before it’s too late! This story is disturbing on too many levels to count. God bless you both!

  3. Leigh Dupray

    December 8, 2011 at 6:47 PM

    Thank you for the Article, its my third time visiting your site and must say it is very interesting hope to check back soon.

  4. Jerry

    December 23, 2011 at 11:41 AM

    Jesus and the ancient prophets warned Gods people centuries ago about the ‘wolves in sheeps clothing’, for the most part the church has ignored the Lords admonishments,
    and now the church is paying the price for being sleep at the watchman gate;
    the IC (Institutional Church) is asleep at the wheel doing 100mph on a icy road!
    That is why the church has lost the influence it once had because the church has not only
    allowed the false shepherds to creep in unawares, it has kicked the door open and laid out the Welcome mat! Satan has grown comfortable and does not feel the need to hide so much anymore, as long as he comes bearing ‘GIFTS’ its all good! the 21st century church believes itself to be “Rich and have become wealthy and have no need of nothing, and does not know she is wretched , miserable, poor, blind and naked…!” Rev 3:17
    and why? Behold I stand at the (church) door knocking….Christ is locked out of His own church and the Pastors are sayin’ “Keep a knockin’ but you can’t come in!”

    I agree with pastor DK Im done with ‘commercial christmas’ remember, Santa is Satan spelled sideways……….

    • iampastorswife

      December 27, 2011 at 8:59 AM

      Bro. Jerry,

      My husband and I enjoy your comments very much. They are filled with truth and wisdom and a lot of experience; I can just tell that you have been through some “thangs” even while you are dropping Godly knowledge. You really remind me of John the Baptist who cried out in the wilderness to all that would hear. I pray that your ministry (whatever it may be) blossoms in these last days and that many will hear even if they are dealing with a hardened heart. Thank you so much for your contributions to this blog! God bless and prosper you my friend.

      Commercial christmas indeed. I had no part of it and never will.



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