Wise and Foolish

10 Oct

Matthew 25:1-12.  Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. And five of them were wise, and five [were] foolish. They that [were] foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out. But the wise answered, saying, [Not so]; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.

Foolish Virgins (examples):

  • Are on “fellowship cruises” with other “believers”, enjoying themselves and “letting their hair down a little”.
  • Are booking the hottest gospel artist to come and “minister” to the people.
  • Are holding “financial peace” seminars in God’s sanctuary instead of teaching .
  • Are “trying out” different ministries to see which one fits them best.
  • Are certain that there is more than one “way”, and won’t stop until they find it.
  • Dismiss Jesus’ own words outlined here: and believe that they can pinpoint the time.
  • Trust in horoscopes, tarot cards and false prophets even though they know the Word.

Wise Virgins (examples):

  • The “lunatic” on the corner telling people to “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand”.
  • The Pastor/Preacher who is teaching the full gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The believer who is not swayed by every wind of doctrine.
  • Are evangelizing and spreading the Good News.

In verse 11 the foolish virgins say, “Lord, Lord, open to us.” To which Jesus replies in verse 12, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. These foolish virgins called Him “Lord, Lord”; familiar? Of course it is:

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity (Matthew 7:21-23).

Don’t be foolish. Proverbs 9:10 states, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight (ESV), and James 1:5, If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. Do not be distracted by things of the World, we are the Bride and the Bridegroom is coming. He has given us all a measure of oil, and it is up to us to keep it filled until He comes. At the end of this parable in verse 13 it is made quite clear:

Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

Have a blessed week!

A Pastor’s Wife


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8 responses to “Wise and Foolish

  1. steelerkid

    October 10, 2011 at 8:38 AM

    It’s short, but I love this one, too!! Good teachings because some people (churches) will take it out of context. Great job! 🙂

  2. Jassmine

    October 10, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    When night cometh no man knoweth…….Great Post!

    • iampastorswife

      October 10, 2011 at 1:58 PM

      Thank you both for your comments. @ Steelerkid, we are the church and the only context is that Jesus Saves – amen to you my brother!

      @ Sis. Jassmine, you keep on being “thankful” and not just on Thursdays…the Lord knows your heart sis! God bless and thanks for posting!


      • Jassmine

        October 10, 2011 at 6:39 PM

        Yes, I will bless the Lord at all times and his praise shall continually be in my mouth! Thanks be unto God!

  3. Liz Mason

    January 12, 2012 at 10:42 PM

    Wonderful encouragement to get serious about what God has called you to do. Now for those who don’t know yet. some great examples of what they certainly shouldn’t be doing. Outstanding Post! Thank you for sharing.

    • iampastorswife

      January 13, 2012 at 11:41 AM

      Thank YOU Ms. Mason for your kind words; I always pray that what God has given me affects someone else in a positive way, so I appreciate your feedback! God bless and keep you.



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