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How I survived spiritual abuse…(a personal testimony)…

Writers note: Grab a comfortable blanket, a cup of tea and a snack. This is just my story that will maybe help a brother or sister in the Lord who may be struggling as I did after escaping an abusive church system. Feedback is always welcomed!

…I received a phone call two days ago from a family member who had also been a church member at the ministry that God delivered us from. This ministry was so spiritually abusive that the members who were able to escape ended up looking like refugees from a concentration camp – in the spirit realm. Anyway, this phone call was to let me know that my former pastor and his wife sold the church (for a half million dollars), packed up the few members who were willing to abandon the lives that they have in that city, and moved south. I do not know which city that they have gone to, but I know that they are in Florida – Floridians, beware! I at first wondered why they would suddenly, after almost 20 years in the same location, sell all, pack up and leave their children, grandchildren and extended families? Then I decided that it is not my issue. Finally, what settled on my heart was what about those who were “left behind”? Read the rest of this entry »


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