Tell it or sell it.

22 May

Just recently I had a conversation with my son in regards to my testimony; we were talking about a lot of things that have happened in my life, and how God delivered me and him and our family through a lot of trials and tribulations. He stated, *wow Mom, you should really write a book*, and I pondered it for a few seconds, but my response was to tell him that God wants me to TELL my testimony versus SELL my testimony. See, this is where I think that a lot of people in ministry get led astray; they put their testimony on Barnes and Noble instead of Barnes Street, and on Oprah instead of Oglethorpe Highway. Jesus instructed us to go into the highways and hedges and compel men to come, so how were we supposed to do that? By the words of our testimony. God has used me to minister to many people with just the words of my testimony. Not only can individuals be saved, healed and set free, but there is a reward for us as well, because we are OVERCOME by the words of our testimony. Although this passage in scripture is in Revelation and it refers to believers triumphing over satan`s power in the last days, it is still relevant now. We defeat a lot of the devil`s tactics by sharing our testimony with others, but not for profit!

Finally, think about the testimony itself. Why does God even give us one? Jesus, teaching about false teachers and signs of his coming tells the disciples in Luke 21:10-15 that your persecution will be for a testimony, and that He will give us the wisdom to speak it. With that passage of scripture it is settled for me: I know that my Savior would want me to tell it and not sell it because those who would benefit the most from my testimony may not be able to go and purchase my words. If the Lord has someone that He want to be saved and they need to hear my testimony in order to get there, then surely they can get it from me for free since Christ already paid the price for me to have that testimony of how *I* overcame. You can find me, not in the local bookstore, but on a highway near you. See you there!

Additional reading: 2 Tim. 1:8-13.

Have a blessed week!

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