What are THEY doing?

09 May

Many times in ministry we have the tendency to base our progress on what the next ministry is doing. How many times have we checked the website, blog, Twitter page, newspaper or even driven by another church to see their latest happenings? Can we consider that a form of envy or covetousness? What we need to know is that it is completely unimportant what the next ministry is doing, you have to be in the place where God needs you to be in order to be effective. If God called me to be the janitor at Walmart, I cannot look at the grocery manager and covet his spot. Why? Because perhaps God will have someone come and slip on a juice spill, and I’m the one to help them up & clean up the mess. He may choose that one moment in time, for me to share the love of Jesus Christ with that person. If I’m out of my spot then I miss the opportunity to minister to that person.

I remember several years ago that the Lord had us rent a tiny church building and begin to have a weekly service there. We were pretty young in Christ at the time, but were eager to follow God’s direction for us. My husband would preach to the walls most days, and maybe one or two people would trickle in at times, but there was one day that we were on the street outside of the church and a man who looked like he was homeless, or maybe even criminal, came down the street. We began to talk and minister to that gentleman and he gave his life to Christ at that very moment. Shortly thereafter, the landlord of the building re-took possession of it and our “church” was done. My husband did not understand why we would even open a church just to close it. I reminded him that the angels in heaven rejoice for just ONE soul being saved, and he recalled that young man on the street. Had we not been obedient to God, even when no one came, that soul would have been lost.

So it doesn’t matter what Magnificent Mega Ministries Church of God in Christ of the Apostolic Baptismal Pentecostal Faith is doing at this present moment, just stay in your lane, keep your mind stayed on Jesus, study to show yourself approved unto God, fast and pray and watch God glorify Himself in you and YOUR ministry!

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One response to “What are THEY doing?

  1. Paul Wilson

    May 22, 2011 at 1:14 PM

    This is very encouraging!! We have a tendency to watch what everyone else is doing and not focus on the very assignment that God has for us.


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