Preconceived notions…

28 Apr

I remember when I first got saved. At my church my Pastor’s wife, or First Lady, was an intimidating figure. I was younger then, and she was tall, elegant and always dressed to the nines. She seemed like a very nice lady, but was aloof and I understand why now. Many people come into the church with preconceived notions about the Pastor’s wife; like we will be haughty and standoffish, and possibly conceited. To be honest (again), many of them embody those traits, but many also do not. I know quite a few Pastor’s wives who are shy, some who are welcoming and warm, and still others who believe that their “anointing” may become tainted by associating with “the commoners”. I never want to become so heavenly minded that I am no Earthly good. I never want our ministry to become so large that I don’t know everyone’s names. A ministry should not be bigger than God. A first lady should not be exalted above Jesus either. Jesus said, “If I be lifted up from the Earth I will draw all men unto me (John 12:32)”, not lift up the “Passa” or “First Lady”. So don’t be intimidated by the fine suit, ridiculously large hats and standoffishness; that stuff usually hides wickedness, deceit and/or insecurities.

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