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27 Apr

Hello and God bless to everyone who ventures onto my blog. I am new to this so I am hoping that everyone will have patience with me while I gather my thoughts to put down in my virtual diary. I don’t know if my thoughts will be of interest to anyone outside of myself, but if anything that I post is relevant to your life please feel free to comment, disagree, agree or remain neutral. I am a very honest person who has experienced, and is still yet experiencing a lot in my life. Being a Pastor’s wife is a tough job, and I have only just begun, however, I have been a Christian for close to twenty years (on and off to be honest). Oh yes, I have sinned and come short of the glory of God, any person who tells you otherwise is a liar lol. So stick with me, I will try to keep my blog updated several times a week with personal stories, news stories and just things that I think might be relevant to all. One last note: some of my views may be radical, and some may be offensive, again I welcome opposing views, but not to the point where they are abusive to myself or others. Chastisement with love can go a very long way. Again, God bless you for visiting and see ya in the blogosphere!


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