I’m not like other “First Ladies”!

27 Apr

The Pastor’s wife. Where I am from in PA, and where I live in the south it is common to hear the Pastor’s wives in the church referred to as “First Lady”, but I have never been comfortable with that term at all even as a layperson. If you Google “First Lady” the first page will be primarily filled with information regarding the current President or past President’s wives. So how did the church adopt this term? To be quite honest I have searched the scriptures feverishly looking for something to show me a biblical connection between the Pastor’s wife and the term first lady and I have come up empty.

….I’m open for suggestions or answers…

Personally when people refer to me as First Lady I cringe and gently correct them to just please use my name & put “Sister” in front of it if they have to. Mrs. Obama has the sole distinction, in my opinion, of being the First Lady at the moment. I am more than content to live according to Proverbs 31, and I strive to live it each day and to bring honor to my husband, and I do not need a title to do it.

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One response to “I’m not like other “First Ladies”!

  1. Catrice

    January 29, 2012 at 6:31 PM

    The “First Lady” title in the churches is unholy. I never heard of such a thing until recently. I thought it was a joke at first until… Well, I checked out the history of the title in this country per Wikipedia – First Lady of the United States | Origin of Title:

    “According to legend, Dolley Madison was referred to as “First Lady” in 1849 at her funeral in a eulogy delivered by President Zachary Taylor. However, no written record of this eulogy exists. [2] Sometime after 1849, the title began being used in Washington, D.C., social circles. The earliest known written evidence of the title is from the November 3, 1863, diary entry of William Howard Russell, in which he referred to gossip about “the First Lady in the Land,” referring to Mary Todd Lincoln. The title first gained nationwide recognition in 1877, when newspaper journalist Mary C. Ames referred to Lucy Webb Hayes as “the First Lady of the Land” while reporting on the inauguration of Rutherford B. Hayes. The frequent reporting on Lucy Hayes’ activities helped spread use of the title outside Washington. A popular 1911 comedic play by playwright Charles Nirdlinger, titled The First Lady in the Land, popularized the title further. By the 1930s it was in wide use. Use of the title later spread from the United States to other nations.”

    So, it’s a worldly title with no foundation in the Word of God and those using this title should repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness. Of the ministries I’ve seen who pastors’ wives used this title, not one gives any scripture to backup their use for this title. It is very troubling to see this in the church and the people think this is honorable. Continue in the faith, in Christ Jesus. Amen.


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